Count-Down Timers Are Available On All Pertronic Audio-Visual Signs

AV sign

Automatic warning signs add value to a wide range of automatic safety systems. A brightly-lit Fire Alarm sign above a shopping centre entrance explains what’s happening and discourages people from entering the mall during a fire alarm incident.

Pertronic Audio-Visual (A/V) signs can be associated with any event that is supervised by a control panel. Often they warn about the activation of automatic systems that might cause inconvenience or danger to people in the area. That’s why all Pertronic A/V signs are available with countdown timers.

The countdown timer serves a number of purposes. Sometimes, incident managers may decide to manually trigger the system, perhaps because the area has been evacuated well before the countdown reaches zero.

If the countdown timer is approaching zero, but the area has not been fully evacuated, incident managers may decide to manually delay an automatic event such as the activation of a fire suppression system. In this case, a countdown timer can save lives.

Experience has shown that A/V signs solve a wide range of practical problems in fire detection and building evacuation systems. A few well-chosen words on an audio-visual sign make it easy for people to find out what they should do. Adding a count-down timer adds the often-critical time dimension.


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Audio Visual Sign with Countdown Timer


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Weatherproof A/V Sign w. Countdown Timer

Separate fascias provide a wide range of wording and colour


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