F220 Enters Full-Scale Production

Following its successful launch at the Fire Australia trade show, our F220 Fire Indicating Panel is now in full production.

The F220 sets a new benchmark for automatic fire detection systems. It complies with Australian Standard AS 7240.2 and is ActivFire listed (afp – 3054). But there is a lot more to our new panel than mere compliance.

The F220 automatically displays the source of an alarm in large, easily readable text on its 7-inch (180 mm) 800 x 480 pixel colour display, in addition to the zone information required for AS 7240.2 compliance. Plain-English text descriptors make it easy to identify fire alarm device locations. Red status bars highlight the alarm condition. The large display and big keyboard make it easy to find and read detailed information such as complete lists of fire alarm system events.

The F220 provides comprehensive easy-to-use information for all users including fire brigade personnel, building managers, and service technicians. Unique coloured display screens identify specific items such as faults, device disablements, pre-alarm conditions, walk test, supervisory and system information. There are nine separate event logs to ensure that critical information is retained even after large numbers of minor events.

Powerful new configuration tools simplify installation and support. Configuration files can be transferred in less than 30 seconds between a USB memory stick and the F220. Our user-friendly Pertronic FireUtils™ application makes it easy to create or modify configuration files on a PC or laptop.

The F220 is available in sizes from 800mm high to 1865 mm high, with up to 20 analogue addressable loop circuits capable of monitoring and controlling up to 3,180 sensors and 1,980 input / output modules or manual call points.


          A 40U 14-loop F220 Fire Indicating Panel for a Queensland project. Below the keyboard &
          display, this large F220 features 24 fan control modules and a document tray. Pertronic
          fire alarm panels are available with white or grey front plates.