Fire Door Holders

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We have introduced a new range of door holders and accessories. These economical, solidly-built electromagnets run off a 24 Volt (nominal) DC supply and exert 40 kilogrammes of holding force. Interfaced with a Pertronic fire alarm system, door holders can be programmed to automatically release fire doors when the fire alarm activates. Each door holder has a manual local release switch.

The range includes two wall-mount holders, and two convertible wall- or floor-mount door-holders.

For situations where the door-holder may be subject to hard knocks, we recommend the Slim Wall Mount unit with a Floor Mounting Bracket FDHFLBKT.

Please see the Door Holder Range:

FDHW/F175-24V : Fire Door Holder, Wall / Floor Mount, 150/175 mm, 24Vdc, 66mA, 40kgf 
FDHW/F325-24V : Fire Door Holder, Wall / Floor Mount, 300/325 mm, 24Vdc, 66mA, 40kgf 

FDHW F175 24V small3

FDHWM65-24V : Fire Door Holder, Wall Mount, Extended 65 mm, 24Vdc, 66mA, 40kgf 

FDHWM65 24V small

FDHWM38-24V : Fire Door Holder, Wall Mount, Slim 38 mm, 24Vdc, 66mA, 40kgf 

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FDHFLBKT : Floor Mounting Bracket for FDHWM38-24V

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