FireUtils® v 3.0 has Advanced Programming Tools for the F220

FireUtils 01

FireUtils® version 3.0 has advanced editing tools designed to simplify the programming of F220 systems and networks. With FireUtils® v 3.0 you can import loop device information from external applications such as computer-aided design (CAD) and spreadsheets. The application also has practical new tools for customising loop devices, and for editing loops, groups, timers, logic blocks, and fan control blocks.

Import Configuration from CAD or Tender Documents

With FireUtils® 3.0 you can import a *.csv file containing a list of detectors and input / output modules, complete with the plain-text descriptor, loop number, loop address, device type and zone number for each device. The list of devices may be exported from a CAD programme or from a spread-sheet such as Microsoft Excel.

Create Custom Loop Devices

We have streamlined the configuration of modules with multiple inputs and / or outputs (“multi-modules”). To ensure the multi-module does its job, each input and output must be configured as a specific device. When you add a multi-module to the configuration, FireUtils® automatically applies default settings. For example, the “default” M221E has a flow-switch on input one, a valve monitor on input two, and an unsupervised output relay.


FireUtils® 3.0 allows you to customise a multi-module and save it with a meaningful device name. It takes only a minute or so to create a customised M221E with a sprinkler switch on input 1, a flow switch on input 2, and relay output to, for example, mechanical services. The custom module might be saved as a “Sprinkler Monitor”. The custom multi-module appears in the device type selector alongside standard modules.

You can create as many custom versions of a multi-module as necessary.

Organise Loops, Groups, Timers, and Logic Blocks

In version 3.0 you can move loop devices between locations or from one loop to another. The new “All Loops” option in the Loop Editor allows you to display all loop devices in a single list. This view makes it easy to move devices between loops.

Move is also available for logic blocks, timers, groups, and fan control blocks.

FireUtils® version 3.0 is free to authorised customers.


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