FireUtils® v1.06 Has Time-Saving New Features


The latest release of our fire system programming and diagnostics application has new features that simplify fire system maintenance and installation.

FireUtils® was developed to make it easier to configure, analyse, and maintain very large, complex fire alarm installations. New features in version 1.06 complement the tree-structured system display and spreadsheet-like object editing grids that make FireUtils® so easy to use.

We are especially excited about FireUtils® “IOTrace” (Input / Output trace). A mouse-click is all it takes to bring up a graphic display showing the links between objects such as detectors, groups, logic blocks, and LEDs. As we will explain in our next post, our technical support team demonstrated the value of IOTrace during the development of FireUtils® version 1.06.

Another powerful new feature is the ability to select and edit multiple items in the object grid editors. Users can select any number of items, either as a contiguous block, or by selecting one object at a time. A single change will affect all selected items.

Also in version 1.06 we have made it easier to analyse reports and history logs. These data tables can now be filtered to select only records that match user-specified criteria.

The trend toward bigger facilities is driving demand for larger, more complex fire detection and alarm systems. A superior programming and diagnostic tool like FireUtils® is critical to the success of large projects. Even on smaller projects, FireUtils® improves quality and reduces cost.

Pertronic FireUtils® is free to authorised customers.


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