Existing Pertronic F120A Systems are Easily Upgraded to AS 7240.2

F220 masterboard

Pertronic F220 master-board is a drop-in replacement for the F120A masterboard.

The Pertronic F220 offers a simple, cost-effective upgrade path for systems based on the Pertronic F120A. An existing F120A system can be upgraded to the AS 7240.2 standard for a fraction of the cost of total replacement.

The upgraded system will retain the existing detectors, cabling, cabinet, warning system, and ancillaries. These items usually account for most of the existing system’s replacement cost.

The upgrade involves replacing the F120A masterboard, keyboard/display, and power supply (PSU); and converting the configuration file.

Drop-In Replacements

The F220 masterboard, keyboard/display, and (PSU) are drop-in replacements for existing F120A components. Older systems with Loop Driver I boards will need new loop drivers: These too are simple plug-in replacements.

Our F220 remote LCD mimic displays are fully compatible with the upgraded system. Usually they’ll connect to the existing wiring.

Pertronic FireUtils® makes it easy to convert the panel configuration. Just import the F120A config file, convert it to an F220 config, and then upload it to the upgraded panel.

We’ll Help You Get it Done

We designed the Pertronic F220 to provide a clear upgrade path for Pertronic F120A users. They have a significant investment in field equipment such as detectors, control modules, and the associated cabling. With the F220 they can keep their existing field equipment while upgrading their system to comply with AS 7240.2.

We want to help our customers make the most of our products. That’s why our technical support team are always ready to help. Contact your nearest Pertronic Office for more information about upgrading existing F120A systems to F220.


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