New Features in FireMap 3.02

FireMap web

FireMap 3.02 is a new version of our fire system management application, with features our customers have been asking for.


Maplink provides instant access to any type of information, including photos of an area or hazard, safety datasheets, or fire warden contact information. Maplink allows users to set up clickable links identified by coloured hotspots on site maps or floor plans. A link can bring up a photograph, a scanned document, even another floor plan or map.

Error Management

FireMap 3.02 collects and displays more detailed information about fire indicator panel faults. The new software also has a new, dedicated log for non-fire alarm system errors such as loss of communications, separate from the application log and history logs, which track fire alarm system activity.


FireMap 3.02 streamlines software installation with a simple tick-box interface. In addition, FireMap 3.02 automatically assigns text identifiers to new FireMap workstations as they are added to a system, eliminating a lot of tedious keyboarding.

Experienced users will notice faster backup and restores in FireMap 3.02, thanks to an upgraded internal database.


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