New Features in Pertronic F220 v5.0

F220 v5.0 news

Controlling the deluge system in Sydney’s M4E motorway tunnels is the job of a Pertronic Net2 Network with 92 F220 Fire Indicator Panels. Most of the system has been installed in cross-passages between the twin roadway tunnels, where they are seldom seen by motorway operations staff.

The M4E fire systems showcase the advanced capabilities of Pertronic F220 v5.0 systems. Dual FireMap graphic user interfaces provide touch-screen remote control and monitoring of the M4E tunnel complex’s Pertronic F220 systems. F220 panels within the tunnels monitor fibre-optic linear heat detectors via Pertronic Modbus interface units.

If excessive heat is detected in a roadway tunnel zone, FireMap automatically displays a map of the affected area, with the zone containing the alarm signal highlighted in red. The FireMap water deluge zone display shows the time remaining until automatic deluge activation, together with touch-screen controls allowing tunnel operators to manually release or inhibit the deluge system. Used in concert with the tunnel’s closed-circuit video system, FireMap allows tunnel operators to respond appropriately to any alarm incident.

Adaptive messaging in the Pertronic Net2 Network prioritises alarms and important control signals to ensure rapid transmission even under extreme network load situations. The entire M4E network can be reconfigured from a single Ethernet connection. The full network configuration upload takes less than five minutes.

Ethernet connections between the F220 network, FireMap workstations, and the plant management system provide seamless exchange of control signals and data.

The Pertronic F220 v5.0 product release includes:

  • The AS 7240.13-compliant Pertronic Net2 Network,
  • FireMap v5.0, and
  • The bi-directional F220 Modbus interface for BMS applications.

The Pertronic F220/Net2 v5.0 release has many new features of interest to Australian fire system professionals.

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