New Pertronic Loop Responder Module Is More Versatile and Smarter

Loop responder

The new Multi-Function Loop Responder has been developed from our popular Loop Responder module.

The new module does everything the previous product could do, including loop short-circuit isolation. However, it is smaller and it has several new features.

The Multi-Function Loop Responder can handle a mix of inputs from conventional detection zones and switches. A board-mounted rotary switch provides a range of optional modes, including a “4-zone + 4-switch” option that allows four of the eight inputs to monitor conventional detection zones, while the other four inputs connect to isolated switch contacts.

The new product has a more versatile relay output with optional fault supervision using an end of line resistor. The relay output may be used for switching a 100 Volt audio circuit. Alternatively, it may be configured to switch an isolated DC power supply.

The Multi-Function Loop Responder is compatible with all Pertronic F220, F120A, and F100A analogue addressable fire indicator panels.

Product Code



AA Loop Responder, 8 I/P Multifunction + Rly O/P

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