Pertronic F220 Accelerates Project Delivery

The F220 fire indicating panel presents fault information in several easily-interpreted formats including the Fault List (shown above)


Information management and configuration tools in the Pertronic F220 slash the installation and commissioning time of fire alarm systems.

The F220 fire indicating panel’s internal database effortlessly tracks and stores many thousands of individual pieces of information, such as details of faults or fire alarm events. All this information can be displayed on the F220’s large LCD display or downloaded to external devices in well-organised, easily-analysed formats such as Excel or pdf files.

Stage-by-Stage Installation

Many fire alarm projects are divided into stages. A stage may have to be commissioned while the rest of the system remains incomplete. A fully-configured fire indicating panel “expects” to communicate with every device in the system. Any device-related problem shows on the fire panel as a “fault”. During the commissioning of a large project the panel may see thousands of “faults”. This slows down lesser fire panels: They may respond very slowly to alarms from connected detectors, and users may find the panel difficult to use.

The Pertronic F220 has no trouble supervising a partly-finished installation. The fire indicating panel simply lists all device faults in its database. Then it gets on with monitoring the completed parts of the fire alarm system. The system can be fully tested in stages because large numbers of unconfigured or missing device faults do not impair the functioning of the F220.

Rapid Configuration Updates

Configuration files for the fire indicating panel sometimes need modification during the course of a project. This process can be extremely slow, and it can delay other parts of the project.

It’s quick and easy with the F220. The largest configuration files upload in less than thirty seconds. Changes can be implemented quickly and economically.

Construction professionals throughout Australia are realising the benefits of the Pertronic F220’s advanced information handling capabilities. Features such as staged installation and rapid configuration improve the predictability of fire alarm installation and testing.

Better predictability means faster project delivery.

F220WithUSB web5

The F220 fire indicating panel can be configured in seconds from a USB stick