Pertronic F220 Delivers Rapid Access to Critical Information

The new Pertronic F220 Fire Alarm Panel goes far beyond the requirements of AS 7240.

Specifically designed for maximum readability,  the F220 features a large colour display and a big, clearly labelled keyboard.

During a fire alarm incident the panel automatically displays the exact location of the alarm activation, in addition to the zone information which is mandatory under AS 7240.  Alarm mode is clearly identified by the red status bar and large, easy-to-read text descriptors.

The big, finger-friendly keyboard gives rapid access to complete lists of alarms, faults, and disablements.

Colours on the display clearly identify the type of information, such as red for alarms and yellow for faults. The distinctive Normal screen features wide green bars top and bottom of the display.

Simpler Installation & Commissioning

The F220’s USB interface allows large, complex panel configuration files to be uploaded or downloaded in less than ten seconds. The highly detailed fault and disablement screens make it easy to manage the installation and commissioning of complex systems that may include up to 20 Analogue Addressable Loops, more than 3000 detectors, and 1980 other input or output devices on a single F220 fire alarm system. The modular, expandable F220 is compatible with a wide range of analogue addressable peripherals, and is fully compatible with the Pertronic FireMap® PC Graphic system.

The F220 is available in a range of configurations and sizes to suit all projects from medium-sized buildings to the largest and most complex facilities.