Pertronic FireUtils™ Slashes Installation Time and Improves Quality

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Pertronic FireUtils™ is a powerful new tool that makes it easy to get the best out of Pertronic analogue addressable fire indicating panels.

FireUtils™ speeds up the process of configuring a new fire indicating panel. And because FireUtils™ simplifies “getting it right first time”, and checking the job once it’s done, it is quicker to commission a panel that has been configured with FireUtils™.

To configure an analogue addressable loop, the user needs to identify each detector and input/output module on the loop. FireUtils™ allows users to add multiple devices in one quick operation. After that, to unleash the full potential of analogue addressable technology, you need to type in a sensible plain-text descriptor for each device. FireUtils™ makes this easier than sending a text-message.

Once the loops are configured, the intuitive user interface makes short work of setting up and checking zones, timers, groups, AAF facilities, fan controls, and cause-and-effect logic.

FireUtils™ is designed for laptops, personal computers and other devices running Windows 7 and above. The software is fully compatible with the F220. It also works with Pertronic F120A panels with firmware version 3.04 and above.

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Pertronic FireUtils™ can be downloaded from the Pertronic Industries website. Contact your nearest branch office for free access to Pertronic FireUtils™.