Save Time and Money with the F220’s USB Export Capability

F220 PSU Log web

Graphic view of an F220 PSU Log in FireUtils®, showing system voltage (blue) and battery voltage (orange) during a power outage from 6th to 8th of December. Note the pulse of charge current (green) after power was restored.

The F220’s built-in USB connector is able to export several easily-accessible files that save time and simplify maintenance.

The power supply log, for example, contains a record of the system voltage, charging voltage, battery voltage, charging current and battery temperature, measured every ten minutes. The log contains several weeks of data. Useful for diagnosing battery or power supply problems.

All other F220 logs can also be exported to the USB stick. This includes the “All Event” log, which contains data on up to 10,000 events. There are eight other selective event logs, such as the Alarm and Disablement logs.

The selective logs ensure that key information is retained, even when the All Event log fills up with other types of events. For example, during a fire the All Event log may record large numbers of faults caused by fire damage to system components and cabling. In these circumstances, detailed information about Alarms, Disablements, and other events is available from the selective logs.

Also available on a USB stick is the Panel Status file. This can be used to locate detectors that may be due for maintenance.

These files can be exported direct to a USB stick. You don't need a PC or laptop.

Files exported from the F220 are plain text, html, or csv files. The files may be opened for analysis in Pertronic FireUtils®, or they can be opened in popular PC applications.


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