F100A-Mini Panel

F100A-Mini Analogue Addressable Control Panel

F100A mini

The Pertronic F100A-Mini is an intelligent fire alarm panel capable of monitoring up to 396 input or output devices including up to 198 heat or smoke sensors. The analogue addressable system supports smart sensors and advanced control capabilities for maximum sensitivity to real fires and excellent immunity to nuisance alarms. Fault-tolerant loop architecture minimises installation cost.

Panel Features:

  • User definable text descriptor per point and zone
  • User isolation of zones and individual sensors
  • Sensor Pre-Alarm and Maintenance warnings
  • Multiple configurable action levels for each sensor (with appropriate sensor types)
  • Individual sensor dual sensitivity for configurable automatic Day/Night operation
  • Alarm Verification option for reduced false alarms
  • Automatic history log of system events
  • Auto-Learn function for fast configuration
  • Configuration from front panel or PC
  • Configurable zones (Up to 128 zones)
  • Control event grouping capability (Up to 64 groups)
  • Automatic daily system test of charger, batteries and sensors
  • Memory Lock switch to write-protect configuration data
  • Fire alarm control panel door interlock switch


Technical Manual

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