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Pertronic Net2 Network Protects Tallest Structure in Melbourne CBD

Victoria One

Victoria One is the tallest structure in Melbourne’s central business district, with a roof height of 241 metres. The 78-storey building has 54,000 m² of floor area, with 629 apartments, 163 car parks, and two levels of retail space.

The building was opened in two phases. The lower part, up to level 39, was ready for occupation in late June 2017. The upper levels were opened in July 2018.

Melbourne-based Leemark Fire Protection Pty Ltd installed the Pertronic fire system, based on a Pertronic v3.0 Net2 Network with two Pertronic F220 fire indicator panels: One panel in the basement; and another panel approximately halfway up the building. This configuration is more economical than running cables from one panel in the basement. Both panels are controlled, monitored, and tested, from a single keyboard & display in the basement.

The Pertronic system monitors more than 760 heat and smoke detectors, as well as sensors at key points on the automatic sprinkler system, including the tanks and fire-fighting pumps.

In the event of a fire, the networked F220 panels automatically call the fire brigade and take control of critical equipment in the building. An emergency warning system (EWS) automatically tells building occupants to evacuate, zone by zone, according to pre-configured evacuation plans. A Pertronic ADM-2 distribution module in each zone broadcasts evacuation signals over two separate circuits. If one circuit is damaged, the other continues broadcasting alarm signals.

The networked F220s control the building’s air management equipment and lifts. The system is designed to maintain air quality on evacuation routes, maximise utilisation of lifts during an evacuation, and deliver passengers to a safe location.

Typical of large complex fire systems, Victoria One’s Pertronic Net2 Network has several specially-designed control and indicating panels, made to specific project requirements by Pertronic Industries. The custom-built Lift Fire Mode Status display, mounted on top of the basement fire indicator panel, shows the location and status of the building’s four lifts. The Mechanical Fire Mode Status display shows the main air management system’s operating status.


Victoria F220

Three banks of standard Pertronic control and indicating modules on the basement F220 fire indicator panel allow fire system users to control and monitor other equipment, such as fire fans in Victoria One’s car stackers.

Pertronic Industries is very pleased to have provided fire systems equipment for Victoria One. We congratulate everyone involved in the construction of this building, which is an outstanding feature of Melbourne’s CBD. 

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