New L-Series Wall-Mount Sounders, Strobes, and Sounder-Strobes


L-Series wall-mount indoor alarm devices are direct replacements for SpectrAlert Advance products such as the P2R sounder-strobe.


SpectrAlert Advance P2R Sounder Strobe

The L-series features a new mounting plate with plug-in contacts. The plate can be installed and terminated, and the wiring tested, without fitting the alarm devices.

L-series alarm devices have the same brightness, tone, and loudness settings as SpectrAlert Advance devices they replace. However, the new products are more efficient, using less current than SpectrAlert Advance devices for the equivalent settings.

Weatherproof versions of the SpectrAlert Advance products remain in production, because the L-Series range does not include weatherproof alarm devices.

We are phasing in L-Series products as stocks of SpectrAlert Advance devices run out.


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