New Pertronic Power Supplies Comply with AS 7240.4

Aux 24V 5A web

Pertronic mains-operated 24 Vdc (nominal) AS 7240 Power Supplies feature automatic battery backup, with the ability to change the batteries without interrupting power supply to the load.

The battery connection is protected against damage from short or open circuits. Shorting the battery cables while they are disconnected from the batteries will not damage the power supply or interrupt its operation.

Each supply has a Timed Power Relay that can be wired to connect or disconnect specific loads during an extended mains outage. This relay is activated thirty seconds after mains power is lost, and deactivated after mains power is restored. For example, the Timed Power Relay contacts can be wired in series with a door holder circuit, so that the door holders are released during an extended power outage. This would reduce the system’s power demand and extend its operating time on battery power.

Automatic fault monitoring includes a battery capacity check, a battery presence test, and real-time monitoring for a range of fault conditions. The Fault LED lights up if the system has a fault. A normally energised fault relay provides a voltage-free changeover contact for signalling a fault condition to external equipment.

The fault monitoring and charging systems comply with AS 7240.4.

AS 7240 Power Supplies:

Maximum Current Ratings

Product Code





3 A

2.1 A

5.1 A


9 A

2..1 A

11.1 A

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