Pertronic Products on Display in Melbourne


In May 2016 we introduced our new AS 7240-compliant analogue addressable fire alarm system, the Pertronic F220.

The F220 reflects a wealth of knowledge and practical experience gained over the past sixteen years, working with fire system professionals throughout Australia. Our engineers kept the best features of our well-proven fire alarm panels, while leveraging the latest technology to develop new, market-leading capabilities.

The F220 is packed with new features that make it easier and more economical to configure, install, and use. We are proud of what our engineers have achieved.

The F220 attracted significant interest at Fire Australia & HazMat 2016 (Melbourne, May 4 & 5). We are confident it will  provide superior protection at many sites throughout Australia.

Also at Fire Australia & HazMat 2016, we showcased our FAAST Dual-Vision aspirating smoke detectors, which integrate into Pertronic analogue addressable systems. Aspirating smoke detectors solve many tricky smoke detection problems, such as the need for accurate but unobtrusive fire protection in hard to reach locations like the atrium of Melbourne’s Panorama Apartments. FAAST Dual-Vision detectors outperform the competition.

In May we released our new Audio Distribution Module. The ADM-4 allows multi-branch audio evacuation and notification systems to keep going even if one spur is shorted out.

We hope you enjoy Firebits. Please contact us if you would like to know more about our products.